Conky – lightweight system monitor

my_conky.jpgJust installed conky on my fedora desktop. My fedora itself took some time to be installed, as I’m having problem with harddisk recognition, I’m having 2 harddisk. Now its booting Fedora Core 7.

I just need a good workspace, and conky have add up some spice to it. Conky, a lightweight system monitor. It will display system monitor on your desktop. You can customize it, what you want to see most. Most sample configuration I found have what I need. I dont have much time to go into customizing my own config file, just copied from others.

I’m using this config file, .conkyrc. I grab it from cstamper blog. You can see there’s more .conkyrc config file sample from conky official website. Its a good start for your own custom configuration script.

Run conky, and it will load conky with configuration file at $HOME/.conkyrc